Thanks for the reminder God

I just finished a six week bible study by Priscilla Shirer called, “Breathe.” The main purpose was to help us understand the importance of keeping the Sabbath holy. She reinforced over and over that we need to intentionally make ‘margin time’ for God, our families and ourselves. She taught about learning  to set boundaries for yourself on when to say “enough is enough, I am going to stop.”

Anyone who knows me at all knows I desperately needed this study. I actually need a year long in depth course on this subject! And sadly, by all indications, I think I failed this class miserably.  I spent the last 6 weeks learning about slowing down, but my schedule has felt busier and crazier than ever.  Unfortunately,  I have barely even taken time to actually “breathe” the whole time I have been participating in the study:((  Boy does satan know how, when and where to launch his attacks!!

However, I am not defeated. Despite the fact, I only did about 60-70 percent of my homework, haven’t totally figured out how to keep the sabbath holy and I am seriously struggling with creating ” margin time” I know it wasn’t a complete failure.

I am now KEENLY aware of all the things I need to do differently, which is a good thing for me. Although, I don’t always make the necessary  changes immediately at least I know the mark I am shooting for now. And I will improve….no matter how slow the progress may seem! And I know God will keep sending me reminders, just as He did this past Sunday.

I was in my kitchen getting ready to finish touching up a few things for a client when I heard a knock on the screen door. It was one of the ladies who boards her horses at our house. She wanted to drop off her board check. She could clearly see I was dressed in my usual paint attire, so I told her I was getting ready to work on  a few things for a client.

Her response left me fumbling for words…. ” Oh, working on the sabbath?” Seriously?? How many people say that?

I thought to myself,  okay Lord I get the message.

Thank you God for such a sweet reminder and for never giving up on me no matter how many times I seem to fail the test.

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