God’s Perfect Timing

God’s Perfect Timing

God never ceases to amaze me and His timing really is quite perfect! ALTHOUGH, I don’t always feel like it’s perfect when I am waiting for something…even something small. But it is.

I saw His perfect timing play out in my life yesterday.

Over the last few weeks Rob and I have been busy preparing for the 700 Club to come out to our home so we could share our testimony. We have been cleaning up around the outside, trimming bushes back, spreading mulch and doing some much needed repair work to the porches. I was also hoping to have our three hay fields cut before the interview.

The gentleman who cuts the fields usually comes around Labor Day for the fall cutting; however, this September when it was time to cut he didn’t come. Rob touched base with him several times and he assured Rob he would take care of it. Last week when it was obvious he wasn’t coming before our interview, I urged Rob to call one more time. I just thought it would look much nicer with the fields cut and baled. And not to mention, sometimes he shows up unannounced. What if he decides to come on Monday?

Rob said no:((

I was disappointed, but with everything else on my list I decided I needed to let it go.

Monday when the camera guys arrived here and walked around they LOVED the hay fields…imagine that!? Lol. They did quite a bit of rolling footage of our family in the front and back fields. It was perfect…and of course, I thought about the fact that I wanted them cut.

Tuesday afternoon when I drove up the driveway to get Avery from school, there were 9 rows of hay laying in the field to my left, and Steve was finishing up the field on the right side:)) I stopped the car and sat there completely overwhelmed by God’s goodness and thoughtfulness…and His timing.

I will never understand how God orchestrates things like this. I am so glad He knows what I need and when I need it.

Thank you Lord…I love you!

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