To Serve or be Served?

To Serve or be Served?
“In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus Himself said: “It is more blessed to give than receive.’ ” Acts 20:35
What a picture perfect afternoon….my mother- in- law, sister- in-law and I had the honor ( and I don’t use the word ‘honor’ loosely)  of hosting a bridal luncheon for a dear friend’s daughter and four of her bridesmaids. It truly was a privilege to bless this bride-to-be with a special afternoon. She is a remarkable young woman who is very deserving of a little  extra TLC and pampering. And since entertaining is one of my favorite things to do, it was even more fun!
 I  wanted to make sure the occasion was fit for a princess, so I used cloth napkins and my finest silver.  Instead of joining them,  the three of us decided to serve them as though they were in a restaurant. We started with a crisp spinach salad topped with red peppers, tomatoes, and candied pecans drizzled with a vinaigrette dressing. Next we served a delicious tomato dill soup accompanied by  warm country ham and swiss cheese biscuits marinated in a poppy seed sauce. On the side was a mango, blueberry and strawberry fruit salad tossed with a touch of cilantro and red onions which offered an unexpected twist. And for desert, each one received their own personal size chocolate trifle…chocolate is a must!
  I am not sure if they were even able to enjoy the dessert…I over heard several of them moaning and groaning about how full they were. Lol. However, I also overheard them as they chatted back and forth about how much fun  it was to be served this way. Delighting in all the extra attention, someone laughed and commented,  wouldn’t it be nice to be served like this all the time?
I know I would enjoy it! Someone filling my glass before it was half empty, bringing me all sorts of delicious things to eat and clearing my place for me as though I was royalty. Who wouldn’t love that?
But you see as nice as that sounds and as much as they enjoyed being served this afternoon, I enjoyed serving them even more. I took great pleasure in making sure that every detail was just perfect. I loved listening to them rave about how good everything tasted ( even though I didn’t cook any of it! ) and how beautiful the table setting was.  I relished seeing the expression on the bride-to-be’s face every time we brought out the next dish.  And the excitement she showed by snapping pictures of each one was priceless. I am thrilled she enjoyed her lunch, as well as all the pampering, but I was the one who was blessed today! It was a great reminder of what a blessing it is to serve someone, rather than be served.
Lord create in me a servant’s heart…help me recognize opportunities in which I can be a blessing to someone else.


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