An Hour with a Princess

An Hour with a Princess

I had the rare opportunity to spend an hour with a real life princess yesterday. Her name is Nicole. We first met in November during a ladies social at her church.

At first glance, I didn’t realize I was in the presence of royalty. You see, she wasn’t wearing a tiara or dressed in a beautiful long gown. It wasn’t until I went to sign the book she was purchasing from me that she quickly informed me she was, indeed a princess and she would like it signed ‘To Princess Nicole’.

She told me that she hasn’t always seen herself as a princess. There was a time that she struggled with feelings of depression. However, she knew if she was ever going to rise above her circumstances she had to view herself in a different light. So, she chose to see herself as a princess.

It was at that moment she completely stole my heart.

After spending time with her yesterday, I am even more convinced she is a rare find. Despite the fact she is confined to a wheelchair, she oozes with a joy I have rarely seen in those much more fortunate. Her eyes and face radiate as she shares about her love for the Lord.

When I expressed how much I loved seeing her outward expression of joy, she told me that she had to be happy and full of joy…who would want to take care of me if I wasn’t a joy to be around?

Wow…if only we could all come to that realization!!

Instead of seeing herself as disabled and letting satan bring her down with thoughts about what she cannot do, she spends her time lifting others up. She has an online ministry where she encourages others daily, she takes secular songs and turns them into Christian songs and she is even writing some fan fiction.

Nicole sang me two of the songs she has written yesterday…they were incredible! She has written one called “Break Free”. I didn’t get to hear that one, but it is about our choice to break free from the ‘chains of our circumstances’. She said we have the choice to rise above our situation or let it rule us.

As you can tell this was no ordinary meeting and Nicole is no ordinary girl. I think she has figured out what many of us never do.

With God nothing is impossible and our circumstances do not have to limit or define us.

Have a blessed day:)

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